Pourquoi Summer Rae est absente? / Des barres de chocolats WWE / Triple H à UFC 205

Summer Rae, draftée à Raw en juillet, est absente des écrans depuis quelques mois, son dernier match remonte au 14 août en live event dans un combat par équipe. Dans un long message posté sur Instagram, Summer a indiqué qu’elle se remet lentement d’une blessure, et qu’elle a choisi de garder cela secret jusqu’à aujourd’hui. Cependant elle n’a pas donné de détails sur cette blessure ou sur une éventuelle date de retour.

Dans son message ci-dessous, elle indique seulement être dans une période de doute, que la notoriété est difficile a géré pour elle mais que néanmoins elle ne quitterai la WWE pour rien au monde.

Well it’s almost mid November now, so maybe it’s time to answer the question I get flooded with every single day on social media. For the past 2 & a half months I have been dealing with an injury. I’ve been very private & not shared my journey during this time. I don’t know why that is actually. Perhaps talking about it & putting a spotlight on it makes it more real & that wasn’t something I was ready for. A spotlight is put on us in every aspect of our lives so maybe I thought ‘let me deal with this privately since it effects so many things in my life in & out of the ring’. Or maybe why I haven’t talked about it is because I assumed it would be an easy fix & wouldn’t take that long to get back to normal. That it wouldn’t take this long to not only fix but diagnose as well. That alone is so frustrating. That holding pattern that your life is put in. For 9 years I’ve been lucky to lead a healthy athletic career in both football & wrestling so these aren’t things or emotions I’ve had to experience before. I’ve gone thru so many emotions during this time but been very private with it all. I love what I do. I am absolutely in love with wrestling & the WWE universe. It’s so unique & unlike anything else in the world! In this business you just go go go & putting your body on the line every night becomes second nature & you don’t think much of it. But that isn’t a normal thing. Our bodies aren’t made to do this. But you forget that when you hear the roar of the crowd! I’ve been so humbled by the overwhelming support towards me on social media & seeing the fans outpouring love & passion. I must say it’s bittersweet seeing it from home. Im lucky to be surrounded by an amazing team of doctors & physical therapists. Its a lot harder than I thought it would be to fix things but you only have one body so taking care of mine is a top priority right now. Sharing this with you guys has been weighing heavily on my heart lately & I felt like I needed to. It’s been one of the most frustrating times of my life filled with so many different emotions. Generally speaking, the unknown is scary. But thru the greatest times of uncertainty in my life have come immeasurable things. 🙏🏼

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Triple H a assisté samedi soir à UFC 205, au Madison Square Garden de New York, ou Connor McGregor a écrit l’histoire en prenant le Lightweight Championship alors qu’il est également UFC Featherweight Champion:

La chaine de magasins américaine FYE a sorti des barres chocolatées à l’éfigie des superstars de la WWE:


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